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Ideal Locations for Landscape Photography in the USA

For individuals who aspire to become nature photographers, choosing a subject is one of the most challenging tasks. While wildlife and macro photography are the most popular forms of nature photography, plant and landscape photography are two styles that one can consider as well. Landscape photography can portray beautiful landscapes within the world. This style of photography is ideal for those who love to travel and discover new dimensions of topography. Here are some top destinations in the USA that are perfect for landscape photography.

What is Landscape Photography?

As a specific photographic style, landscape photography is the art of capturing landscapes in a way that brings the viewer into the scene. This style of photography portrays the photographer’s connection to nature. It can be either vast or macroscopic, depending upon how the photographer preserves the scene. Hence, anyone aspiring to become a landscape photographer should have proper gadgets to capture high dimension landscape photographs. One should also consider the fact that landscape photography requires traveling frequently and finding new destinations across the globe.

Canyonlands National Park, Utah:

While Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon are the most popular national parks in the USA, the Canyonlands National Park can beat all of them when it comes to satisfying photographic vision. Serene and vast, this national park has the feel of a desert. Hence, to portray the vast landscape without compromising on the finer details, one may need a telephoto lens. Another point of concern is that this spot is a little difficult to reach. One can plan for an organized tour through the renowned agencies to reach here. The advantage of these planned tours is that the lodging is often taken care of by the tour planners.

White Sands National Park, New Mexico:

The USA has 62 national parks among which White Sands National Park is a magnificent spot for landscape photography. Located in southern New Mexico, it is the world’s largest gypsum dune field. Anyone reaching here for landscape photography should keep a few things in mind. Firstly, the chances of getting lost in the desert are very high. Bringing a GPS can be a good idea so the person can track back to the car or campsite. There are ten back-country campsites in the national park that a person should book in advance to secure lodging. If anyone wants to stay late in the park for the twilight shooting, the person might need to pay an extra charge.


The above two national parks are ideal for nature photography in the USA. Since landscape photography requires traveling to vast landscapes, one should always keep medicines and daily necessary items handy. One should always take preparation and precautions before reaching remote locations for landscape photography. On reaching the spot, one should talk to the local people to know the timings and restrictions of the area. Meeting the local people also helps any traveler to know some interesting facts about the destinations. One should research the locations to find appropriate gadgets for excellent photography.

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