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Beginner Tips for Photographing Weddings

Lets face the facts. Weddings are extremely important events that happen once in a lifetime. As a result, it is critical to ensure that you take the best steps to ensure that your wedding photography is on point on the big day. After all as a wedding photographer its your job to ensure that you captivate all of the emotions and festivities on your clients big day. Having said that, in this short article we will discuss some easy beginner tips to ensure that your wedding photography is to your liking. Let’s get started!

Tip #1 – Learn from a Professional

The first suggested tip is to take tips from a professional or veteran photographer or photography agency. Taking the time to look at online portfolios of well known photographers in the wedding photography niche can be a great way to gauge and identify your style of photography. Networking with mentors ahead of time and asking directly for tips from professionals can be a great way to put your brand and photography services out there while gaining valuable knowledge and expertise from a well-established source. Some great agencies that come into mind for South Asian Weddings includes Shaby Dhillon Photography who specialize in providing indian wedding photographer and muslim wedding photographer services all across Canada and internationally.

Tip #2 – Organize Your Equipment Ahead of Time

Thats right. The most important tip to keep in mind is to always keep your things organized as a wedding photographer. This includes organizing your equipment, making sure that you have the necessary accessories, as well as planning with your client ahead of time to set dates for pre-wedding shoots, and the wedding shoot rituals and festivities. Good organization is the key differentiator between an average wedding photographer and a top tier service, so be sure to take your time with this tip. Here is a checklist to help you cross reference what you may want to consider planning ahead of time:

  • Laptop to backup images in real-time
  • High Quality Camera and appropriate Lenses
  • Tripod
  • External Flashes
  • Lighting Equipment
  • *Optional: Stool

Tip #3 – Focus on the Memories

Lets face the facts, the end of the day people aren’t paying you for photographs, they are paying you for capturing memories. As a result make sure that this theme is present within all of your photography shots. Strive to capture the unexpected laugh, the joyful moments, and the captivating love that is present during the big wedding. Capturing shots of reactions, laughter, and intimacy are critical to ensure that your client receives the best gallery of photos that they will cherish for years to come. So always be on the lookout for these memorable shots!

Tip #4 – Mesh With the Crowd

The final tip here is to really mesh with the crowd. As a photographer it is important that you dont feel like an outside member. Make sure that you carry yourself positively during the wedding event and that you converse with guests (if it is appropiate). The more intimidating you come across the less natural your photos will be because people will be to scared or nervous to take pictures that really reflect their emotions. As a result work to make sure that your presence is welcomed and that people can feel at ease around you and your team. Make sure to SMILE!


All in all, I hope this short guide provided you with a basis on how to get started with capturing good wedding photography photos. Remember that at the end of the day its all about creating and capturing the vibe of the room. Take your time to capture the most important moments and let the magic unfold the way it was meant to. Happy photographing!

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