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Things to Consider When Choosing a Newborn Photographer

Choosing the perfect photographer to capture your newborn baby’s first moments in this world can be a daunting task. There are many things you will want to consider before booking a session with your chosen photographer. Here is an overview of what you need to know when choosing a newborn photographer.

  1. Look at their images.

Don’t just look at a few images on their website – take the time to scroll through all of their galleries and be sure you feel as comfortable with their style as possible. If they specialize in newborn photography, do all of those photos have an ethereal glow? Are there many black & white shots mixed in, or are most of the color?

Take note if it seems like they mainly shoot indoors versus outdoors. Every photographer has a different style, so make sure that it best represents your needs for this momentous occasion. An Ann Arbor Newborn Photographer specializing in capturing all of those tiny details will certainly want to use natural light if your baby is early morning or late night riser.

  1. Ask about the session.

Ask your photographer how they will be working with your baby during their sessions and what props or accessories you may bring along as well as any clothing necessary for all of those awesome shots!

Some photographers incorporate a parent into some images, so it’s important to know if this is something you’d like them to do and whether or not there’ll be an additional fee involved either way.

  1. Pricing.

Make sure to ask what the price range is for newborn sessions and when you should book in advance (some photographers book up fast!). Also, if your family or friends are looking into booking a session with that same photographer, keep their questions in mind as well! Knowing this information ahead of time will help make your decision much easier.

  1. Location.

While most newborn photographers are based in the Atlanta area, some may be willing to travel outside of this location for sessions with your baby! If you’re looking at a photographer who specializes in lifestyle photography versus studio work, consider how far they would be willing to go, and their policy on traveling expenses, if any, will apply.

  1. References.

It’s always a good idea to speak with previous clients about the photographer you are considering for your newborn session. You can usually find references on their website or social media sites, so be sure to contact them if this interests you!

If not, don’t worry – most photographers will have reviews listed online, and it’ll give you an insight into what they’re like in person based on how others feel about working with them.

Asking these few simple questions ahead of time can make all the difference when choosing a newborn photographer to capture your family’s first memories of this new little one.


Knowing exactly what you’re getting into and where the boundaries lie ahead of time will put everyone at ease so that when it comes down to taking those sweet photos – both mommy & baby can be comfortable knowing that their needs are being met.

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