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5 Best Office Gift Ideas

To ensure that your business runs smoothly, and that productivity and efficiency are maximised, it helps to have a stylish photo desk calendar displayed in your office, so that you can refer to it every day and keep to a profitable schedule. You’ll also never miss a birthday, or the countdown to Christmas.

Whether you’re choosing a Christmas or birthday present for a friend or family member that works in a busy office, or remotely from home, there are tons of excellent gift ideas to help make the 9-to-5 more organised and fun in 2022.

  1. For The Home Office Remote Worker

Keep remote workers happy by enhancing their social connection with a unique team building experience. Remote employees often feel isolated and disconnected from the corporate world, and may sense that they’re missing out on fun activities that are shared. To help them feel included, and a valuable member of the team, gift them an invite to a remote team building experience like an online murder mystery or a trivia quiz. You can even plan a cooking or cocktail making lesson, or a full-on virtual party for all remote workers.

So that they have something physical to open, you can present your invite/voucher in a box that is filled with a selection of handy technology accessories, or a versatile, contemporary style desk tidy. Include a wireless charging station, extra long charging cables, a screen protector, and an assortment of tasty healthy snacks.

You can also treat a virtual co-working buddy to a few free months of a premium streaming service like Netflix, so that they can relax and enjoy their time away from work.

  1. For The Stressed Team Leader

If you know someone who is in charge of a team, it’s a great idea to gift them with a thoughtful present that helps to minimise their work life stress. The best office gift is a care package that includes an array of wellbeing products.

Choose a subscription to a meditation app, and complement it with calming, relaxing and soothing aromatherapy oils, a massager, a stress ball or fidget pen, scented candles and rejuvenating herbal teas. You can assemble your own stress reduction kit by filling up a beautiful presentation box or basket, or opt to shop for a pre-made package.

  1. The Secret Santa Gift

If your workplace has organised a Secret Santa gift exchange for Christmas this year, make a commitment to impress everyone by choosing a special gift that they will wish they had received.

While some Secret Santa workplaces gift exchanges have a spend limit, others often have their own rules. The Christmas tradition requires that you write down everyone’s name on pieces of paper, which are then randomly drawn by the person who will buy a gift. If your exchange doesn’t request that participants list one or two gift suggestions, on the named piece of paper, it can sometimes be challenging to find the ideal present for a person that you don’t know well.

Although the spend limit may not allow you to buy the stylish photo desk calendar that will be highly appreciated by any recipient, you can easily compromise and stick to your budget by downsizing to a pocket diary or notebook. Choose a plain or lined paper book with a hardback cover and make it unique by customising its design. Decorate the cover with printing, decoupage, stamping, foiling or watercolours. Incorporate monogram detail to make the diary/planner/journal even more personal.

  1. A Gift From The Boss

If you’re the boss, you can show your appreciation of your employees’ hard work and dedication by gifting them in a manner that rewards their loyalty. Instead of presenting your staff with standard corporate gifts like paperweights and key chains, choose a gift card that allows them to pick their own present preference.

A loyalty card is a great way to say “thank you” at Christmas, and also makes an excellent token of gratitude to reward a job well done throughout the year. Do your research and choose a gift card from a store that you know that your employees love to shop at. By presenting the loyalty card alongside traditional stationery and desk supplies, you’ll add an element of surprise to your Christmas gift.

  1. A Special Gift For Yourself

After shopping around for the best office gift ideas for your family, friends and co-workers, you deserve to treat yourself to a gift that keeps on giving.

To help you achieve your professional goals, create a stylish and customised photo desk calendar that features your favourite single portrait or collage photo prints arranged over 12 months. If you arrange your stunning travel snaps in an orderly fashion, you’ll be inspired every time that you gaze at the happy memories that you captured and preserved.

A wall mounted calendar that is personalied with photos of your loved ones will brighten up your workplace office, and motivate you to finish your 9-to-5 tasks on time. It will also help you to keep track of important dates like your spouse’s and children’s birthdays, and other family occasions and events.

If you work in an open plan space, a desk top calendar that has a chic square shape offers the perfect alternative to a wall mounted display. Each page of the spiral bound calendar can feature up to six of your favourite themed or random photos, and creates a stunning and unique décor accessory for your work environment.

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