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What Is the Importance of Good Product Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words – this adage could not be any more true in 2021 when visual content is more capitalized than ever.

Regardless of what you’re selling, putting out the best visuals for your products will help you stand out in front of your customers and draw their attention in the most positive way.

Now, you might think there’s not much difference between a regular set of product photos and great product photography. And that’s true – the difference is usually very subtle and hard to put the finger on. But that seemingly unimportant difference is what makes customers say “I just don’t know what’s with this product, but I definitely want to have it”.

If you want your customers to think the same when they’re looking at your products, read on the bits of wisdom that Picture Perfect Photography has shared with us.

Why Is Good Product Photography so Important?

In the past years, visual content has become one of the most consumed types of content. Whether we want to have fun, we’re interested in buying something or learning a new skill, we’re leaning on photos and videos more than ever before.

One might say we’re doing it because in 2021 there are more photos and videos available than ever before in the history of… well, the Internet. But it’s the other way around. The number of visual content bits has soared precisely because it had so much success in the beginning. There was a demand for it, and people were not only consuming itbut devouring it.

How Does Product Photography Directly Impact Your Profitability?

Knowing that visual content is a treat for all people and not tied to one industry or niche is great news for every business owner who wants to optimise their profitability. Because if you haven’t taken full advantage of good product photography just yet, you just found an ace up your sleeve.

  1. First impressions matter

In an online shop, customers can’t interact physically with the product they’re willing to buy. So you need to make sure they can grasp that feeling through photography. Additionally, if a prospect is visiting your website for the first time, the product photos will weigh the most in his impressions about your site and brand as a whole.

  1. Visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared

Provided that the photos are clear, professional and well-made. This translates to exponential exposure you don’t have to pay for. And if the people sharing your photos are also happy clients who write a heartfelt description, it will translate to paying customers.

  1. Photography brings products to life

It’s no secret that emotions are the leading factor when it comes to shopping. And this is where the difference between an average and a great set of product photos is the most visible. The average product photo will trigger little to no emotional response in the viewer, hardly impacting his buying impulse. But a great product photo will make him eager and inspired to have your product in his home.

Upgrade Your Business and Profitability

You know you’ve got amazing products in your store, so why not let your customers know, as well? Schedule a product photography session and take your profitability to the next level

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