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A lifetime experience:

          A wedding is a lifetime experience and you want to make it memorable and relive the whole occasion in your memories. Every aspect of the wedding needs to be planned if you are going to make it an epic story with all the memorabilia which you can show to your children and grand children. Many want to make it a stunning story with the help of professional photographers and you have the right people at Wedding Photography in Melbourne that make it possible for you.

Picture perfect!

          No matter where the wedding is going to be, the photographers and the videographers are there to capture every minute of the ceremony and compile the whole ceremony in the form of great quality albums that last a life time and also carry it down to the generations. They arrive at any of the chosen locations and they are up to the task always. The angle, the lighting, the background are all taken into consideration so that each of the photos stand out completely. The colors and shades and the couple are all blended well to make it a picture perfect photograph.

A life story:

          With all the characteristics of a well made movie, the wedding videos can be called movies as they are shot both technically and creatively in top quality. The background is considered as well as the music, a complete high quality audio recording that merges with the video, chosen background music which appeals to you, highlights of the wedding are all put together to give a result that equals that of a movie. The whole recording is a presented to you on a USB drive so that it stays safe for the future.

The consultation:

          A prior consultation is carried out to discuss what the client expects from the professionals and it is done as a complimentary exercise for the clients.

The right package:

          The client can choose the suitable package that is available on the webpage or consider a custom made package as it will be different from what is already available. The price of the package both readymade and custom made can be worked out during the consultation.

Send an estimate:

          The client can send an estimate of the whole process to Wedding Photography in Melbourne office and be sure to get a response immediately.

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