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Top Ways to Convert Your Home Videos to DVD

Video conversion service

Sure, most memories last forever. However, old VHS tapes and home videos aren’t meant to last nearly as long. While VHS tapes can potentially preserve your precious memories for years or even decades, they have to be stored in the right conditions (cool, dry, and dark).

A video to DVD transfer service is one of the most popular ways to convert old home movies to digital. Digital formats allow you to save your precious memories on a computer or cloud service, making them pretty much indestructible. However, there are other ways to convert your home videos to DVD.

This article will outline the top 5 ways you can go about digitizing home movies. So, let’s get into it.

1. Use a DVD Recorder

While a video transfer service can make this process much easier by completely taking it off your hands, digitizing home movies using a DVD recorder is far easier. All you need to do here is buy a DVD recorder and connect it to your tape player.

While playing back your old home movies, you can record them onto a blank DVD inserted into the DVD recorder. Moreover, once your home video has been converted to DVD format, you can use a video ripper on your computer to digitize it.

Note that new DVD recorders are hard to come by these days. However, you will probably be able to find one on eBay or Craigslist for a reasonable price.

2. Directly Convert from Film to Video

If your old home movies are in 8mm film format, you will require a film-to-video converter to get the job done. Once you have purchased a film-to-video converter, you will have to load your reels into the machine, and the footage will copy directly to a memory card.

Note that the equipment for converting film to video can cost you anywhere between $300 and $1000. Therefore, this investment only makes sense if you have a lot of reels to convert. Meanwhile, a video conversion service uses the same method to convert 8mm film reels, except that they have the experience and knowledge of working with old film formats.

3. Upload onto Your Computer

If you are pretty tech-savvy, you can save all the hassle of hiring a video to DVD transfer service and use a computer to get the job done. More specifically, you will need an analog video capture device, which allows you to hook up a tape player to one side and a computer on the other.

Notably, you will need to download the right software on your computer to make this procedure work. However, the relevant software should come with your adapter. Once everything is set up, you can convert your home movies to DVD or digital files on your computer.

While an analog video capture device is pretty affordable, coming in at around $20, the associated software can be a little complicated to figure out. Therefore, if you are not particularly tech-savvy, a video transfer service might be your best bet for digitizing home movies.

4. Re-Record Your Home Movies

In case you don’t want to go through any of the hassle of buying new equipment and learning how to use it, there is a simple way around digitizing home movies that you may have already thought of. All you need to do is project your home movies clearly onto a projection screen. As the video is playing, record the image onto a video camera.

You can then easily upload your video camera recording onto your computer and save it as a digital copy. The advantage of this method is that if you already have a projection screen for your VHS tapes or 8mm film reels, you won’t require any additional investment. The downside, however, is that this method is not very effective and will result in a low-quality film image.

If you would prefer spending a little extra money on obtaining a high-quality digital copy of your old home movies, a professional video to DVD transfer service may be your best choice.

5. Hire a Professional Service

A professional video transfer service has the equipment, experience, and knowledge to convert old home movies to digital formats. Therefore, it is usually better to trust a professional service to do the job for you.

Therefore, if you desire high-quality digitized copies of your old home movies, a video conversion service will ensure that you get what you pay for so that your precious memories can, almost literally, last forever.

Final Words

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So, visit their website and get in touch to preserve and protect your memories for the long term.

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