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Preventive and corrective maintenance of air conditioners, what is its importance

Once we have bought AC equipment and the professionals related to the technical service have installed it in our homes, that is where its useful life cycle begins, trying to air-condition certain spaces that need a suitable temperature using liters and liters of refrigerant gas. at home.

For this reason, taking care of these electrical devices is so important and necessary, not only to attack any damage in time, but also because they help to obtain fresh air on summer days, for example.

Preventive maintenance

As the title indicates, it is the type of maintenance that prevents any unforeseen event in order to take action on time and that the air conditioning systems do not suffer major damage. In other words, the routine activities of AC companies such as dust removal, tube cleaning, engine lubrication and gas refilling are preventive actions that ensure optimal AC performance until its last days.

In addition, preventive maintenance is much cheaper in relation to the replacement of damaged mechanical parts, or sudden blackouts in the equipment. Preventive maintenance seeks to minimize this type of situation while improving the quality of the incoming air, and reducing the amount of bills for energy consumption.

Predictive maintenance

In this case, an exhaustive investigation is required to carry out a list of failures that could be close to occurring in your air conditioner. These are, for example, much more technical aspects that should only be supervised by professionals in the field, such is the case of the measurement of pressure, temperature, voltages, cables and electrical circuits.

In relation to this, only a technician will be able to determine the remaining life cycle of each of these components and, at the same time, estimate how long it will be necessary to replace any of them with new parts.

Precisely carrying out this type of predictive maintenance can prevent the AC from overloading and starting to freeze, in addition, these practices should not be carried out by inexperienced people since the equipment could be damaged and lose the warranty.

Corrective maintenance

This is the option that you should avoid at all costs. A corrective maintenance is when the air conditioning has had a fault or serious damage that cannot be repaired, and in this case, it only remains to buy a new one. Although, depending on the complexity of the fault, this could only mean a change of spare part.

And, like the previous point, this maintenance practice is not suitable for people without experience in electricity. Given that for an optimal diagnosis of the AC it is necessary to completely disassemble all the parts and examine them one by one, the internal connections can be complicated when said section must be reassembled.

Each part of the air conditioner has its own maintenance time, being the cleaning and verification of circuits a quarterly task.

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